Hello and welcome!

My name is Suzy and I am excited to be just beginning this home schooling journey! Since I am just starting out, I am always looking for tips and ideas!

I attended public school through Third Grade, then my mom decided to home school my older sister, older brother & myself. Home schooling ended up being wonderful for me! I was able to really throw myself into subjects and topics I enjoyed, go quickly through the material that came easily & spend additional time where needed. At 14 I began attending a local community full time & completed high school concurrently with earning my Associates Degree. I went on to earn Bachelor’s degrees in Mathematics and Economics.

I have two young boys, born in early 2012 and mid 2014. I am very excited to embark upon the home schooling journey with them!

My oldest is a Busy Bee! He has more energy than I ever thought possible! He is happiest when running, jumping, climbing, rolling, spinning… you get the idea. He is highly motivated by play & loves trying new things. Sitting does not appear on his list of favorite things to do, though recently he has been willing to do some coloring and has really taken to mazes. He is also the most social person I have ever encountered in my entire life!

My younger son is my Snuggle Bug. His favorite pastime is… whatever I am doing, so long as I am also holding him. He also loves anything using his fine motor skills and is particularly fond of beads and anything that’s sparkly. If he doesn’t have access to something to put together in new and interesting ways he is very happy to dismantle them instead!